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Bluetooth Advertising

Bluetooth Advertising is a new and innovative solution which any industry could utilise in order to advertise their business and get ahead of their competitors; it is a great way to increase brand awareness resulting in increased sales.

Bluetooth Advertising is a local wireless distribution facility within a proximity area, where information can be sent and received by potential customers mobile phones 'free of charge' unlike traditional advertising methods. This information can then be passed on, again 'free of charge' and shared with the recipient's friends and colleagues.

When using Proximity Marketing via Bluetooth it is possible to target potential customers within a local area and send out any type of file ranging from simple animated adverts, business cards and calendar events to more detailed video and sound files.

All file types can be sent via BlueMagnet Bluetooth, you just need to ensure that they are supported by your recipient's device. The majority of mobile phones will display the following file types:

  • Static images like GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP files.
  • Animated images like Animated GIF files.
  • Audio like WAV, MP3, MP4, RMF and Ringtones.
  • Video like MP4, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, AVI and Quicktime.
  • Text Messages like HTML (Website), VCard (Business Card), VCal (Calendar Event), VTask and VNote.
  • Java Applications like JAR.

Once your promotion or campaign has been created, BlueMagnet Bluetooth will then continually search the proximity for Bluetooth enabled mobile phones found to be in range and once a connection is established, an invitation is then sent to the mobile phone recipient inviting them to receive your information.

The recipient can then simply choose to accept or decline the invitation and if declined the promotion will not be sent to the mobile phone.

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Bluetooth Advertising Software Free Trial!
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Bluetooth Advertising Introduction

Introduction to Bluetooth Advertising:


Bluetooth Advertising Software Free Trial!
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Check our Twitter Marketing Software 

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