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What is XRange2000?

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XRange2000 is a long range Bluetooth® transmitter that can be used for Bluetooth® communications or Bluetooth® advertising. It covers a very long range (1000m and can be extended to 2000m) when compared to normal cheap Bluetooth dongles currently available in the market. Unfortunately, the cheap dongles are claimed to cover a 100-meter radius, but they actually do not cover a fraction of that. The XRange2000 can cover a very long range and it's compatible with BlueMagnet if you're looking to use it for Bluetooth advertising.

XRange2000 for Bluetooth Advertising

The XRange2000 Bluetooth® transmitter has a long range that can reach to 2000 meters, but if you're intending to use it for Bluetooth advertising, be advised that it will NOT be able to cover that distance because the Bluetooth® radios of the recipient cell-phones are much weaker than the XRange2000 (to minimize power consumption). That's why the Bluetooth Advertising range will not be 2000m. According to our field tests, we were able to deliver advertisements to phones at a distance of 250 meters far from our advertising hotspot. This means that by using XRange2000 with BlueMagnet, you can cover a range with radius of 250 meters. That's a circle with 500 meters in diameter which is considered impressive to accomplish using Bluetooth. By combining the power of the XRange2000 with BlueMagnet, you can send FREE Bluetooth advertisements to as many recipients as possible.

Long Range (1000m) Transmitter for Bluetooth advertising


Technical Specifications:

Operating SystemsLinux (Bluez or 3rd party driver)
Mac OS X
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Data RateUp to 3Mbps
Size83mm x 62mm x 25mm
CaseIndustrial strength aluminum case
Temperature Industrial operating temperature range -40°C to 85°C
Power SupplyThrough USB, 5V, max 200mA
Range (with External Antenna)Omni-directional antenna up to 2km (2000m) with 9dBi
StandardsBluetooth 2.0 + EDR Class 1
USB 2.0
Radioraw transmit power: 19dBm
receive sensitivity: -108dBm
Omni directional antennas: up to 9dBi
Warranty2 years Limited Warranty


Package Screenshots:

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Shipping the XRange2000?

We ship using either DHL or UPS depending on your location. Normally, it takes from 5-8 days to deliver the XRange2000 to any part of the world.


How much does it cost?

XRange2000 costs $149.95/device

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How does it work?

  • Watch this video to learn more about how Bluetooth Advertising works

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