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BlueMAGNET 1.5 Features

BlueMAGNET Features

version 1.5 (Released On April 4, 2008)

  1. Added Drag & Drop functionality to the advertisement list: If you’ve been using BlueMAGNET file advertisements too much, then you will find this feature a life saver because it will save you 5 clicks every time you add a file advertisement. Now it’s simply a matter of drag & drop the file you want to send as an advertisement to the advertisement list (with some limitations on Windows Vista).
  2. Added device MAC address to the "Sent", "Rejected" and "Failed" reports: We’ve added the device MAC address to the advertisement reports. The MAC address was already in the “Detected Devices” report, but not in the “Sent”, “Rejected” and “Failed” reports. We have fixed that.
  3. Fixed a bug in the Calendar Event advertisement: We have found a bug in BlueMAGNET that prevented the Nokia 40-series phones from receiving Calendar Event advertisements correctly. Now this problem is fixed.
  4. Fixed a setup bug that prevented BlueMAGNET from running correctly on Windows Vista: BlueMAGNET v1.0 setup had a problem that prevented BlueMAGNET from running correctly on Windows Vista. The problem was caused by the User Account Control (UAC) security feature. Now this problem is solved.
  5. Added "Reset Now" button to the campaign properties dialog: This feature was introduced to enable you to restart your campaign easily without the need to restart BlueMAGNET. Now, all you have to do is to press the “Reset Now” button and your campaign will begin running right from the start.
  6. Added support for Unicode device names (like Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and Hebrew): Some of you have reported a problem in BlueMAGNET version 1.0 that the device names are not displayed correctly. We’ve fixed that.
  7. Added support for two new methods to send multiple advertisements in a single campaign (Round Robin and Random Selection): In BlueMAGNET version 1.0, you didn’t have any control over how BlueMAGNET is going to send multiple advertisements in a single campaign to the recipients. We listened to your suggestions and we have implemented a very good fix for this problem. Now you can set BlueMAGNET to send advertisements in 3 modes (Send All, Round Robin and Random Selection).
  8. We added an option to "Blacklist" a specific device using its MAC address: In version 1.0, you couldn’t add a specific device to the blacklist unless you have that device around in order for BlueMAGNET to detect it, then you can add it to the blacklist. Now, this restriction has been solved. You can add any device MAC address to the blacklist manually.
  9. Fixed a minor bug in the "Devices List" when "Add to Blacklist" is chosen: When you right click on a device in the “Devices List” and click on “Add to Blacklist”, the device status now changes to “Blacklisted”
  10. Made a slight change to the protection method of BlueMAGNET evaluation copy: We’ve made a small change to the protection method of BlueMAGNET. This is made to avoid a problem in generating your “Registration Number”.
  11. Fixed Device Class reporting problem: In version 1.5, the device class type is being reported correctly.
  12. Fixed the contact item problem in which the name in the business card is being sent as last name to the devices: BlueMAGNET version 1.0 used to send the contact name (in Contact advertisements) as the “Last Name” and it will be displayed on the recipient devices as the last name. We’ve fixed this problem. Now the name will be sent as two parts (“First name” and “Last name”).
  13. Fixed some problems that will make BlueMAGNET load and run faster: We fixed couple issues that used to slow down the loading and running of BlueMAGNET. Now BlueMAGNET loads and runs faster.
  14. Fixed internal bugs that will enhance BlueMAGNET stability: We have found some problems that caused BlueMAGNET to become unstable. We have fixed these problems.

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